Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Family Night - 2014

"Family Night" was a huge success!  More than 400 family members visited PS4!  Parents and family members met with their child's teacher, visited classrooms and looked at textbooks and materials used to provide instruction. Teachers made presentations and answered questions.   

Take a look at the photo collage below for some highlights from our successful event!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Meet the Teacher - Ms. Delpesh

Ms. Delpesh, in her new classroom.

Ms. Delpesh is PS4's newest teacher!  After seven years working as paraprofessional, Ms. Delpesh is now teaching with Ms. Reyes in a first grade class.

She grew up in Brooklyn and her family is from Trinidad.  She attended Medgar Evers University and Touro College.  "The biggest difference I find between being a paraprofessional and a classroom teacher is the more planning that I have to do now", she says.  Ms. Delpesh is excited to work on her goals for her class this year.  "I want to build their awareness and literacy capability."

While Ms. Delpesh has no children at home, she does love each of her students.  "I have 25 children in the classroom", she says.  Welcome to PS4, Ms. Delpesh!  We look forward to seeing your and your students reach your goals!

Friday, September 12, 2014

National Fathers Take Your Children to School Day

District 6 Superintendent, Manuel Ramirez spoke to nearly 200 fathers from PS4.

Guests enjoyed donuts and coffee.
PS4M/The Duke Ellington School celebrated National Fathers Take Your Children to School Day with a special guest!  As part of our first monthly parent engagement initiative, District 6 Superintendent, Manuel Ramirez spoke to nearly 200 fathers, grandfathers, foster-fathers, stepfathers, uncles, cousins, big brothers, male caregivers, mentors and family friends.  On this particular day, each guest walked their children to school, met in the auditorium and received a certificate of attendance in honor of their dedication.

Superintendent Ramirez spoke about the importance of being an involved parent.  "I lost my father at a young age and I have a daughter", he says.  "You must be involved in your child's life".  Mr. Ramirez spoke about his new role as District 6's Superintendent.  "I just got here", he said with a laugh.  "Don't rush me".

Guests received information on how to help their children establish good study habits and ways to encourage a positive attitude by being supportive, setting standards and making sure expectations are fair.  Special thanks to Superintendent Ramirez and all of the PS4 fathers.  

School Principal, Ms. White-Jones greeted guests.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Artist of the Month (September) - Joan Miro

JOAN MiRÓ @ TATE MODERN from Martin Hampton on Vimeo.

Our artist of the month is Joan Miro!  Joan Miro was a world renowned Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramist who was born in 1893, in the sea port city of Barcelona.  His works before 1920 (the date of his first trip to Paris) show the influence of different trends in art like the pure and brilliant colors used in Fauvism, shapes taken from cubism, influences from folkloric Catalan art and Roman frescos from the churches. His trip to Paris also introduced him to and developed his trend of surrealist painting (see example, below).  In 1921, he showed his first individual exhibition in Paris, at La Licorne Gallery.  Miro experimented with many other artistic forms, such as engraving, lithography, water colors, pastels, and painting over copper.

For more information on this famous artist, click here!

L'espoir - The Poetess (1940)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Box Tops For Education

We have joined the Box Top community to raise funds for our school!  Did you know that each Box Top collected is worth 10 cents?  By clipping the logo from products that you use every day, parents and students could help us raise thousands of dollars to provide activities for the girls and boys of The Duke Ellington School.  Bring all Box Tops to your child's teacher.  This year, our goal is to raise $200. 

Please contact the school's librarian for more information.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

End of the Year Message from Chancellor Fariña

Dear Families,

What an energizing school year! Your children have worked hard and accomplished a lot, and I want to thank you for the joy they have brought to our classrooms. As your children head off for summer break, I have one request: please encourage ongoing engagement and learning. This is a great opportunity to continue your child’s education. Doing enriching, educational activities during the summer is fun and enables kids to sharpen their academic skills, priming them for success in the next school year.

Here are three simple ways to keep the learning going:

  • Have your children read at least 10 books over the summer. Help them select a mix of fiction and non-fiction in areas of their interest, and engage them in discussions about what they’ve read. This teaches kids how to think critically and confidently express their opinions, skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Promoting literacy and language skills is one of the most important ways parents can support their kids.
  • Take your kids to at least one cultural institution or live performance. We are privileged to live in a city with amazing theater, dance, music, and an abundance of museums—from art and design to science and history. These are the kinds of experiences that both inspire kids and cultivate high-level learning. Many institutions offer free days or times. For more, see the NYC Culture Calendar.
  • Involve your children in community service. Giving back to the community is not only rewarding, it helps kids become civic-minded citizens. There are a wide range of opportunities, from volunteering at a compost site or helping to repair homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy, to assisting at a thrift shop. To find ways to serve your fellow New Yorkers, visit NYC Service.
Finally, please give your children time and space to just hang out. As I tell my grandchildren, learning is important but it’s equally important to enjoy being a kid.

Have a wonderful summer.

I look forward to welcoming you to an exciting new school year in my favorite month of the year, September!



Saturday, June 21, 2014

Talent & Fashion Show - 2014

On Friday, June 20th, the talented students of PS4 celebrated the 8th annual Talent & Fashion Show!  "This is a special year", announced host Mr. Harris at the start of the show.  "This year we have comedy, magic, martial arts and dub stepping!  These are acts that you've never seen on our stage!".  With a special ballet performance and fashion show from Elizabeth's Modeling Talent Studio, this show was the best show ever!

Principal White-Jones would like to thank:
  • all student performers
  • Assistant Principals Ms. Martin, Mr. Batiz, and Ms. Rivers
  • Elizabeth Rosario, Keila Morales and the models from Elizabeth's Modeling Talent Studio
  • Talent Show Director, Ms. Lennon
  • Talent Show Host, Mr. Harris
  • Sound Engineer, Mr. Means
  • Pianist, Mr. Theodore
  • Backstage Manager, Ms. McLeod
  • Auditorium Manager, Mr. Nycz
  • Refreshments, Morena and Denise Nunez
Special thanks to all the Talent Show Coaches, parents, teachers and PS4 staff that made this a successful event!  For more information about Elizabeth's Modeling Talent Studio, click here!  Check out the slideshow below, to see photos and videos of Talent & Fashion Show 2014!

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